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Testing is a crucial part of the software development cycle. Developers need to make sure that the application behaves the way they programmed it at every step of the way and ensure that there are no security vulnerabilities within the code. Developers also need to go through a QA testing phase to make sure that the page doesn’t crash when users interact with the site.

Often, we may think our code is solid and works perfectly until we face a use case that crashes on the client-side or, worse, causes security vulnerabilities.

An article published in 2018 in West Agile…

Let me introduce you to WhiteSource Bolt

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Open source refers to a project that is accessible by users to share and modify, which prevents software engineers from reinventing the wheel whenever they want to build new features. Just by importing the library with one line of code, the developer’s toolkit gets wider.

Some benefits of using open-source software in development include, but are not limited to, transparency of the code base, faster time for developers to develop new features, and cost-efficiency.

Challenges with Open Source Software

Although there are many benefits of open-source software, there are many challenges that come with it.

In a 2018 article, author Maria Korolov states:

[…] researchers…

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My priority this year is happiness and finding self-love. In the past, I’ve run away from my emotions and locked them up in a vault inside my brain. This year, I’m running toward them, trying to figure out where my negative thoughts are growing and most importantly, how I can turn them around.

I’ve been getting help from a coach on Ginger, which is on-demand mental health support. At least twice a week, I talk to my Ginger coach and we create goals for myself and talk about how I can get better.

One of the activities that my coach…

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My brother, Emir, is an 18-year-old, non-verbal individual on the autism spectrum. He needs 24/7 care. My family needs to help him with everyday tasks like getting dressed, making food. He frequently throws temper tantrums by screaming and hitting himself and others near him. He needs constant supervision in order to keep him safe.

Out of everyone I met in my life, my brother, without any doubt, has influenced me the most. He influences the way I treat other people. He gave me the lens through which I view the world. He is the main reason for the career path…

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Testing is one of the most important steps in software development. We need to make sure that our code is doing the task it needs to do without breaking the page. We also need to make sure that the page looks the way designers imagined. In this article, I will talk about Unit Testing and QA Testing techniques.

Unit testing

Just like the name suggests, unit testing is a software testing technique in which individual components or units are tested. You’ll perform unit testing during the development phase.

You’ll test each component that you build for your website so that every single…

If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It

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What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics or GA, is a free web analytics service that tracks and reports web traffic. Engineers can use Google Analytics to track their user's website session duration, pages per session, bounce rate and so much more. GA gives users an in-depth look at their user's behaviors and allows them to make smart decisions on how to change their websites. GA can also be integrated into Google marketing and advertising platforms in order for engineers, marketers, and product managers to make smart decisions. …

“The Defining Decade: Why your twenties matter — and how to make the most of them now” by Meg Jay, PhD

“I wasn’t scared of losing my past, I was scared of losing my future.”

I read the book, “The Defining Decade: Why your twenties matter — and how to make the most of them now”, in my early 20s and I think about the lessons I’ve learned from the book very frequently to this day.

I want to point out that I am not in my 30s yet! I am still inside my defining decade, but I am coming close to its end. I often reflect on the lessons I learned from this book, and analyze whether I am growing as an individual.

In the book, Meg Jay, a Clinical psychologist, talks about how…

Differences between access modifiers

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Private, Public, and Protected keywords are access modifiers. Depending on what you want to do with the variable or function, you might want to restrict the access modifier to be either public, private, and protected.

Below are quick summaries of each access modifier and where they can be accessed from. It’s important to know the differences between the access modifiers and use them in appropriate places.


When a method, member, and classes are declared public, they can be accessed from anywhere. They can be accessed by class, package, subclass (same or different package), and the world.

public class example{…

What is it and why you need it

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Feature Flag, or feature toggle, is a software development technique to turn certain functionality or component on or off without deploying new code.

The new functionality or component can be wrapped in a feature flag in code during development, which can allow developers to turn the flag off in production and turn it on in other environments like local or QA environments.

The flag that is on in the local environment will allow developers to continuously develop the new feature while allowing product managers and designers to QA, all without changing the look in production or breaking the code. …

Rethink money and income

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“Rich Dad Poor Dad” was written by Robert T. Kiyosaki, who illustrated how rich and poor think about money. Kiyosaki’s own dad, represented the “poor dad” while his friend's entrepreneur dad represented the “rich”. While Kiyosaki grew up, both his rich dad and poor dad made him see differences in how the poor and the rich think about money. Lessons that Kiyosaki learned can help others change the way they think about money.

Not all real estate is an investment

One American Dream is to become a home-owner. A house is one of the largest investments anyone can make. …

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